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Hundreds and thousands of young people around the world can break through and can make this a better world for all living things. Once young people know the problems and are empowered to act, they have great power to impact the world. ~ Jane Goodall

GreenACT – Youth ‘agents of change’ on Climate Action and Environmental Sustainability is an Erasmus+ project which aims to encourage young people (aged 16-25 years old) to become more familiar with the idea of environmental citizenship, and act responsibly and positively towards our environment. Additionally, they will be guided to develop sustainable solutions in order to tackle environmental challenges.

Bucharest, AHA Youth Center, 8-9th February 2022 – D.G.T. Association hosted the second Transnational Partners’ Meeting. The main objectives of this meeting were successfully met, meaning that the consortium of the GreenACT project got together in hybrid mode, evaluated the project’s status along with all the activities that were done until that point, as well as discussed the upcoming activities and intellectual outputs. Representatives from Tavo Europa, Walktogether Association and Brigada do Mar, along with D.G.T. Association attended the meeting physically, while being joined online by Emphasys Centre and Bodi svetloba. The meeting was held at AHA Youth Center for a day and a half, being followed in the second part of the TPM by a visit at Act for Tomorrow, where the representatives discussed the sustainability topic and ways the youngsters can be involved in environmental related topics. The TPMs play a critical role in discussing the progress of the project and how all the tasks can be effectively delivered on time and in high quality. Hence, all the partners are equally involved and contribute to meeting the project’s deadlines and goals.

Centered around 4 intellectual outputs, GreenACT project aims to support further the Youth initiatives and raise more awareness in the 6 partner countries by educating young people on environmental issues, inspire them in developing and maintaining a firm ecological mind-set, as well as to make them realize what big of a positive impact they uphold in their communities as active agents. First intellectual output consists of a “Competence framework for increasing environmental awareness and responsible behavior”, the second one “Educational pack”, the third one “Green-ACT Cloud-based platform”, while the fourth one consists of a “Toolbox” meant for preparing a guide for setting up the GreenACT SUMMER SCHOOLS. During the development and implementation of the first intellectual output, the partners started working on the third intellectual output as well, meaning on the “Green-ACT Cloud-based platform”, developing a website that will host all the materials done during the project. The project’s impact does not focus only on the target group, however it helps and enhances the capacity of partner organizations to take action regarding reducing waste in their countries and to promote different solutions to ongoing environmental issues such as sustainable production and consumption, sustainable transport, as well as biodiversity and food production.

Last but not least, four youth workers per country will participate in the training activity, where they will have the opportunity to get familiar with the provided tools and materials of the project. Additionally, five YP from each partner organization will be encouraged to participate in this transnational mobility activity for setting up the GreenACT MOVEMENT. This will be a great chance for participants to meet, exchange opinions on sustainable development, visit high schools and disseminate the video-tutorials, plan the next activities/initiatives in each country and participate in the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE organized in Portugal.

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