Every year October 4th was declared Animal Protection Day  in order to draw attention to animal species that are under threat of extinction around the world.

Children love to express themselves by drawing and these pictures are tools that express children’s feelings very well. This painting contest, in which our children will express their love for animals, is the first contest of our NGO. We really want this contest to become a tradition. We are an institution that loves and protects animals very much. Our contest is international  and children from all countries can participate.

Engaging in this contest enables children to convey their affection for animals through their artistic creations and convey it to a global audience. The primary objective of this competition is to promote global recognition of animal welfare and conservation initiatives.


REWARD: Paint set, book set, extinct animals play set. The award and participation certificate will be sent to the address of the first, second and third child by our NGO.

Contest Rules

  1. The contest will be held in the preschool category. The age limit is 36 months – 78 months.
  2. The paintings can be made in freestyle on drawing paper measuring 35cm x 50cm. The contestants are not bound by any rules regarding paint and technique. Pictures must be original.
  3. The works participating in the competition will be photographed and sent to our email address. The information that must be included in the email is as follows: contestant’s name and surname, age, school, school contact person, school phone number, parent’s name and surname. Additionally, a signed parental permission document must be attached. Each contestant has the right to participate in the competition with only one work.
  4. Contestants can send their pictures via email until Friday, 13.10.2023.
  5. The Winning painting will be published on our website, but the name and country will not be announced to protect data and rights of the children. An email containing the results of the competition will be dırectly sent to you.



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