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Our mission

D.G.T.’s mission is focused on creating a network between youngsters, students and researchers of different backgrounds and nationalities on topics such as: cultural exchange and learning, non-formal education, ecology, sustainable development, European citizenship, climate change, geopolitics and many more.

We have a vast experience in international projects and besides implementing local projects we are organising also, youth exchanges, in Romania.

We, as D.G.T., believe that with every international youth initiative is a chance to learn about others and ourself.

D.o G.reat T.hings and leave your mark …

D.G.T. Network

We are called D.G.T. (Do Great Things) Association and our main targets are high-school and university students, young entrepreneurs and disadvantaged young people and youth leaders in Romania.

We work with volunteers from all universities in Bucharest (especially the Academy of Economics, the largest economics university from South-East Europe) and we collaborate with other youngsters all across Romania.

Briefly, D.G.T. Association is a non-governmental organisation that was born from the passion of a few youngsters who wanted to take action and make a change in the society they were living into.

D.G.T.’s founding members have also the desire to give back all the things they have learned and experienced during previous years of volunteering.

D.G.T.’s mission focuses on national and international networking among young people, students, trainers and teachers of different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. It tackles topics such as intercultural exchange, non-formal education, ecology, climate change, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, creativity, human rights, European citizenship, international politics (geopolitics), new media, communication. All these are added to facilitate the accumulation of experience by young people, through voluntary activities, allowing them to put into practice the theory learned in school.

Thanks to the fact that our mission focuses on networking, we’ve created Do Great Things Network as an informal net of people, NGO’s, associations, organisations and institutions all over the world.


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