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Jul 22 2013

2013.07 Don't always-1

2013.07 Youth Exchange "Don’t always try to win, try to understand!"

This project was about healthy and balanced lifestyles - good and bad sides of computers and sports. During 10 days, activities were focused on topics like social media - good and bad sides, computer games, Internet etiquette...

Name: Don’t always try to win, try to understand! Duration: 22-31 July 2013  Location: Kuressaare and Orissaare, Estonia
Organizers: Aktiiv Noored Juhid  Supporters: Youth in Action Program (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Diana Svet (F – group leader); Lilia Dacal (F); Eugen Vasilache (M); Stefan Miron (M); Ruxanda Postolachi (F)

how to use the computer in a proper way, does computer mean only Facebook, when trainings will start to take over your life, how to find balance, new ways of leisure, etc. First five days of the project were dedicated to activities with computers, internet and other technical devices. The participants learned to write articles, studied the good and bad sides of using a computer. The other half of the project participants were taken out of the town and to a nice holiday village. There they had the sport part. The chosen holiday village had many opportunities for fun and active time.
Due to the free, healthy and natural environment the cultural differences went away easy, the communication was also better because the participants spent their evenings together. Overall the project was very useful for all the participants. They got to know their future opportunities better and learned how to live a healthier lifestyle.

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This project has been a great experience for all of us. Even if integration and adaptation with a new group of people and a new place can be very difficult, thanks to the program and the activities we had from the first day, we were able to integrate easily and  make new friends.
We had the opportunity to learn new things regarding technology and sports, about their good and bad sides and about a healthy lifestyle as well. Intercultural communication and the interaction with different customs is an important part for young people in the process of European social cohesion. That’s why we think that the intercultural evenings have a big impact on youth personal development and integration in the society.
It is very important that there were a lot of activities that involved non-verbal and non-formal communication as well. The things that we liked the best were: we were separated into mixed groups, that trained our skills of working and communicating in small and big groups. We had the opportunity to make our own movie, I think it was a new and an unique experience for almost everyone on the project. We learned a lot about film making, and we had a lot of fun as well.
Another thing that we liked about this project is that the activities took place in two different towns, thus we had the opportunity to visit more beautiful places. The excursion that we had to the small family soap manufacture was another beautiful experience. We had the opportunity to create something unique by personalizing our own unique soaps.
Even though the language of the project was English, we learned, or at list tried to learn other languages as well, Italian, Spanish, and even some words in Estonian. An important thing is that the coordinators of the projects were very receptive to our problems and requests. We are very glad that we had the chance to take part in this project, and to visit Estonia. We really think that this kind of projects are very welcome, and have a good impact on youngsters from all the European countries. (Diana Svet)