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Aug 01 2013

2013.08 Employed Ever-13

2013.08 Youth Exchange "Employed Ever After"

With the economic situation all over the world finding employment is far more difficult for our youth today and those thinking of starting their own business have even more difficulties.

Name: Employed Ever After Duration: 01-09 August 2013  Location: Sigulda, Latvia
Organizers: OTI Latvia  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Eliza Chirila (F – group leader); Oana Dragan (F); Corina Berceanu (F); Mihai Naghi (M); Nicu Pantelimon (M); Adina Gantolea (F); Robert Jitaru (M); Alexandru Ion (M)

This project aims to see how our young people see these difficulties and how they can find solutions to their employment problems. The project included partners from a large variety of member states to increase the European dimension of the project so that young people could share their knowledge and experiences with regard to the topic. The participants investigated cross-border employment and also cross-border trading. They looked at the options available to young people to start their own businesses and also looked at the knowledge and skills they should have to be able to start their own businesses.
Through sharing of knowledge and the input of professionals participants worked on finding solutions for the employment problems that young people face today. Fun activities and simulations were used to allow each of the participants to understand the situations and the problems that we face. Each group presented the problems in their country and this allowed the young people to learn from the experiences of others and other countries. Working in groups for various activities allowed the participants to learn the importance of teamwork and showed how working in groups increases our success rate. The project was open to all young people of ages 18 to 30 who were either having problems finding employment, or starting a new business and young people who had businesses of their own to share their ideas and concerns.

The youth exchange in Latvia was based on the topic of unemployment among European Youngster and it aimed in finding solutions to general problems that lead to unemployment.
More than 40 young people from Romania, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia and Poland joined forces in working together in order to better understand how they can find a job, how to develop their skills and how to improve their CV. Throughout the 9 days of the project, through workshops, debates and small working groups, the participants simulated job interview, made a research on the European Employment tools and talked about EURES.
The beauty of Latvia could not have been left undiscovered, so that one of the days was dedicated to a trip around the surroundings. Also, one of the days was shaped in such a way that all participants had the chance of simulating a business and the opportunity of testing their negotiation skills with the citizens of Latvia. (Eliza Chirila)