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Jul 06 2013

2013.07 The Rural-4

2013.07 Youth Exchange "thE rUral citizen"

Theme: “thE rUral citizen” was a youth exchange that took place between 6th and 22nd of July 2013 in Kemes, Hungary. The project involved 66 youngsters coming from 11 different countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

Name: thE rUral citizen Duration: 06 - 22 July 2013  Location: Kemes, Hungary
Organizers: Fennatarthato Ormansag Nonprofit Kft.  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Cristina Sarbu (F – group leader); Victoria Coseru (F); Alexandru Ciobanu (M); Maxim Cotun (M); Sergiu Vintu (M); Petru Margina (M); Denis Cebotariu (M)

The main goal of the project was providing the active European citizenship, focused on rural areas. We learned new things about different cultures, the structure of the European Parliament and its main activities, about the water pollution, recycling the garbage, and we also learned how to sew a traditional costume. We learned a lot during our activities which followed the principles of the non-formal education. We used open space technologies, energizers, team building activities, role plays, and all kind of evaluation and reflection methods to increase the team building.

The main workshops that we worked at are:
1. “Eco raft on the Black Water”: we built three boats from plastic bottles and we tested them on a river
2. “Discover Revfalu”: we rediscovered the old village through a drama performance that highlighted the issues associated with rural communities
3. “Sew your traditional costume”: we made the traditional clothes and accessories of each participating country, followed by a fashion show presentation to the local people

We also organized bike and canoe tours in the area. The longer cycling distance was about 60 km both ways. The best memories from the project are fighting with mosquitoes and the cherry soup.