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Jan 22 2012

2012.01 TC Islam-10

2012.01 Training Course "Europe and Islam – Misperceptions  and Potentials"

The training course “Europe and Islam – Misperceptions and Potentials” addresses the place and role of Islam in contemporary Europe. Through a programme based on non-formal education methods, the training course explored the place of religion,

Name: Europe and Islam – Misperceptions  and Potentials Duration: 22 – 29  January 2012  Location: Ganja, Azerbaijan
Organizers: European Intercultural forum e. V.  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Gabriela Ionescu (F); Adrian Cocardan (M).  

culture and identity in today’s Europe, fostered reflection on the contemporary and historical factors that influence the portrayal of Islam in European societies and its place in public debate. It successfully equipped youth workers with relevant tools and methods to address the issue in youth work as well as to influence the attitudes of others towards Islam and Muslims.

The project was organized in partnership between the European Intercultural forum e. V. (Berlin, Germany) and the Youth Public Union “Bridge to the Future” (Ganja, Azerbaijan).