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Aug 01 2013

2013.08 YOUth-2

2013.08 Training Course "YOUth are Employable"

Theme: YOUth are employable was an international training course on volunteering as a learning mechanism for increasing youth employability.

Name: YOUth are Employable Duration: 01-08 August 2013  Location: Dilijan, Armenia
Organizers: Gyumri Youth Initiative Center (YIC)  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Flavius Streianu (M); Aiste Razinskaite (F)

Its objectives were:
- To provide youth workers and youth leaders with knowledge, skills and tools on recruitment, retainment, and recognition and reward of voluntary work;
- To introduce mechanisms for structured tracking of voluntary work as a learning process;
- To reflect upon types of voluntary activities that lead to youth capacity development and inceased competitiveness in the job market;
- To share best practices on volunteering and youth employability in different European countries;
- To build partnership among civil society organizations from the Programme and Neighboring Partner countries concerning volunteering and youth employability. 

“YOUth are employable” course took place in Dilijan, Armenia, during the days of 1st and 8th of August 2013. Arriving there was an unforgettable adventure: train, plane and marsrutka. The participants in the course were from various countries and backgrounds, we were communicating a lot, got to know about each others' organizations and made plans for managing some projects together in the future. There were four team members responsible for participants from which two were our coaches. The course was very interactive, there was a lot of team work and learning through games or discussions.
Before every session we had “energizers” – games helping to keep our hopes up high, feel more active and prepare for new information. Sessions were never boring – the lecturer-student approach was not used. We were learning in many different ways: group or pair discussions, presentations of the information from our countries, summing up piles of information in groups, games. After every session we were drawing conclusions of what we learned and how can we use the information received.
Accommodation and food was good, the learning environment was perfect – village atmosphere, fresh air and the view to the mountains, all were relaxing. Also, a lot of activities were done in open air.
The schedule was tight and we did not have a lot of free time, only coffee and lunch breaks and evenings after 8PM. However, we did not feel tired and managed to have a lot of fun activities and parties. We had a night at the local bar, trip to Sevan Lake, Sangria night and a couple of international evenings where we could present our countries and national food. The endings of each night that involved alcohol will never be talked about, but will always be remembered…
Last day we had a farewell party in a fish farm and received our Youth Pass certificates in a creative way. All in all it was a great experience and an informative course.
(Flavius Streianu & Aiste Razinskaite)