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Jan 17 2012

2012.01 Colors of Peace-4

2012.01 Training Course "All Colors of  Peace"

The course included a mixture of non‐formal educational methods including theatre, appreciative inquiry, conflict management (CM) and human rights education, in order to assure high impact on participants and to allow them to benefit both in professional and personal sense. 

Name: All Colors of  Peace Duration: 17 – 24  January 2012   Location: Flaxley, Gloucestershire
Organizers: ASHA Centre  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 4.3)  
Romanian participants: Andrei Daicer (M); Marius Jianu (M); Emilia Radu (F).   


The course aimed at equipping participants with peace education tools and methods used in conflict management and conflict resolution with young people. The final outcome of the project increased the use of peace education methods and conflict management to empower young people in participating countries and organisations. 

Hello my friends, my name is Marius and I was one of the participants in the project "All colours of peace". It was a different experience for me, because during one week I've been part not only of ASHA Centre, but also of ASHA Spirit. I can say that those people managed to create a wonderful place for living, learning and knowing not only the british life, but also another international marks of culture. As for the project, we had two professional trainers from Albania who in one week teached us a lot about conflicts, about how can we solve a conflict and how conflicts appear and dissappear from the picture. Like in projects I've been before, I found open-minded participants and we had a great week together. My romanians were very good at what they're doing and we promoted Romania as we all love it, with tasty food and nice dances. I hope I'll repeat this experience, it was a great lesson for me ! (Marius Jianu)