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Sep 09 2013

2013.10 Partnership Building Activity "Be Involved"

"Be involved!” was a PBA that took place in Madaba, Jordan. The project involved 13 youth leaders coming from 7 European countries: Romania, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Spain, Sweden and UK and 6 Euromed countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia. 

Name: Be Involved Duration: 9-14 September 2013  Location: Madaba, Jordan
Organizers: East & West Center for Human Resources Development  Supporters: EuroMed Youth  
Romanian participants: Teona Sorocianu (F)

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The aim of the project was to establish future collaborations and partnerships between the participating NGOs in the field of human rights and democracy. The participants got involved in many non-formal activities, including getting to know each other games, simulation exercises, open discussions about successful implemented projects, intercultural nights, presentations of NGOs and field trips to local NGOs.

Madaba is a small, quiet town and the hotel had a very nice conference room, restaurant and swimming pool – the setting really facilitated the interaction between the participants and it was very pleasant. It was an amazing, intense and challenging experience, because the project gathered people from very different backgrounds, but motivated to work together and share their personal experience.  (Teona Sorocianu)