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Sep 28 2013

2013.09 Act Like-12

2013.09 Youth Exchange "Act Like a Citizen"

The main idea of this youth exchange was to use theatre as a tool for youngsters to get the importance of being more active in their own community and get deeper into the European citizenship values and rights.

Name: Act Like a Citizen Duration: 28 September – 5 October 2013  Location: Vasto, Italy
Organizers: Connect Association  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Andra-Mihaela Costache (F – team leader); Andra-Roxana Tinjala (F); Dana Tantaru (F); Lucian Pamfilie (M); Stefania Maradin (F); Laura Lupascu (F)

It involved 20 people from four youth organizations that were cooperating in order to give young people the opportunity to reflect about their rights and role in the society, helping the construction of a European citizenship feeling without frontiers.
The project supported self-expression through creativity and theatre, overcoming cultural stereotypes and personal barriers, in order to foster cooperation, tolerance and inclusion in Europe, with the aim of raising youth participation and mobility through Europe. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to promote Youth in Action programme and give the opportunity for us to start working on future projects.

This youth exchange was truly an adventure! I left Romania with a bunch of strangers and came back with a whole new family, living not only in Romania. We laughed while learning interesting new names, we debated on our common values, we danced in every cultural night and hugged every time we were cold. I learned a lot especially about other religions, languages and cultures.  The best activity was “the frosting”, the flash mob was the cherry on top of the cake, but the ice breakers and energizers were the chocolate filling. This opportunity broadened my horizons and determined me to be a more active person. I will continue to be part of youth exchanges and I kindly recommend these opportunities to everyone. Thank you Andra ( our group leader) for trusting an 18 year old youngster! (Stefania Maradin)