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Nov 02 2013

2013.11 UnReSt-11

2013.11 Training Course "UnReSt – Unravelling Religious Stereotypes"

Recently, we assisted to a series of events clearly displaying great social unrest derived from religious intolerance and/or alarming discrimination. One of the most polemical is the latest video that ridicules the prophet Mohammad. 

Name: UnReSt – Unravelling Religious Stereotypes Duration: 02-10 November 2013  Location: Porto, Portugal
Organizers: ConnectART  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme  (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Andrei Gheorghica (M); Adrian Cocardan (M); Stefania Maradin (F); Denise Musat (F)

Moreover, in the last decade we followed the reactions to the attacks of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an upsetting escalade of terrorism (Bali, Casablanca, Jakarta, Istanbul, Madrid, London, Mumbai…), the Danish “cartoons affair”, the inter-religious disputes in the Balkans or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, intra-religious struggles like the ones in Ireland and in Iraq, or even events of civil disorder in France and the UK.
“UnReSt: Unveiling Religious Stereotypes” is a project that raised awareness to the existence of negative religious stereotypes and, subsequently, focused on promoting interfaith dialogue. It analyzed some of the causes behind religious conflicts, addressing threats to peace, security and social cohesion and tried to prevent the negative impact of religious discrimination. The coordinator of the project was ConnectART, a youth association from Portugal which hosted this training course in Porto with 34 young people from 10 countries from the European Union and neighboring partner countries, representing various religions.