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Dec 01 2013

2013.12 DIY-10

2013.12 Youth Exchange "Do It Yourself!"

The youth exchange «Do it yourself» focused on creative recycling. The aim of the programme was for the 44 participants (each country-partner  being represented by 5 participants and 2 Leaders)...

Name: Do It Yourself! Duration: 01-08 December 2013  Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Organizers: Youth Power  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme  (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Ion Mesca (M); Mihai Alexandru Sulea (M); Liliana Cemurtan (F); Diana Croitoru (F); Elena Plesu (F); Adrian Cocardan (M - leader); Irina Rusen (F - leader)

to cultivate the perception of respect and protection towards the environment, while at the same time develop their creativity and entrepreneurship; in this way they learned how to convert rubbish and useless objects into useful and beautiful creations. The program lasted seven days (1-8 December 2013) and it took place in Halkidona area of Thessaloniki. The weekly agenda included the following activities and methods: energizers, group building, brainstorming sessions, workshops about jewelry and accessories, transmutation of clothes and shoes, as well as workshops for creating small seasonal and decorative items. On Friday 6th of December a visit of students from the High School of Agios Athanasios village was arranged. The participants had the chance to present their creations to the students and interact with them.
By the end of the exchange a booklet was also created  to present step by step the techniques that the participants used throughout the project for making their items. This project included young people and leaders from the following countries: Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania and France.

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