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Aug 12 2011

2011.08 Youth Exchange "Park Art"

The 8 days in city of Krško were dedicated to a park arrangement, but the evenings brought also some more relaxed activities. One of the aims of the project was also to create space for a lot of socializing with young people and simply having fun.

Name: Park Art Duration: 12 – 19 August 2011  Location: Krško, Slovenia
Organizers: MC Krško  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Andrei Daicer (M – team leader); Robert Tanase (M); Andreea Dragomir (F); Andreea Nicolaescu (F); Monica Stan (F).  

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One of the relaxing activities was the field trip to Kostanjevica and a cave in the same area, on a beautiful Sunday.

In the cultural evening of each country, the "evening host" cooked its own dish for the rest of the participants and there was a movie night dedicated to art film. 

The project had a division of work in 3 groups:

-Working with wood, making new benches, baskets,...

-Working with stone, making a centre mosaic and new pathways ... 

-Working with plants/green, arranging grass surface, bushes, flower beds,...

At the following link you can see some pictures and read, if you know Slovenian :) , an article from the local press, about the Park Art project : 



My name is Andreea and I want to say that the "ParkArt" Youth in Action exchange was an experience that made us, all the participants, very proud. Some unexpierienced young people from 5 different countries, managed to built a park almost from scratch. We did everything: from gardening to sculpture in rock, from cleaning to making benches, from designing to painting. All in all we had fun, we made new friends, while working in the benefit of the community.


The participants managed to set up in the park a carved monument for each partner country involved in the project. In the next picture you can see the Romanian monument...  :)   (Andreea)