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Feb 25 2014

2014.02 activatiON-9

2014.02 Training Course "activatiON"

The project: "activatiON" was a training course developed by 10 NGOs coming from Portugal, Italy, Romania, Cyprus, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, France and Czech Republic

Name: activatiON Duration: 25 February - 5 March 2014   Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Organizers: SPIN Association  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme  (Action 4.3)  
Romanian participants: Daniela Samsonescu (F), Alexandru Nistor (M)

... which took place in Lisbon from February, 25th through March, 5th 2014 and involved 20 participants (youth workers/leaders and youth with fewer opportunities). Also another opportunity was the fact that we could visit Lisbon, which is a beautiful city, but nowadays a little bit too rainy. The thing that impressed me the most is that, the Spin Hostel was rebuild from almost nothing, with the help of the EVS volunteers that came to work in the Spin Association. Their work involvement was impressive, in a year they managed to rebuild the whole building in which we was hosted and the room that the training course took place with few money. After this Spin Association made their first Youth in Action programme and hosted the first group of people in the place that they worked so hard on. The work program was pretty tight, we had seven days for this training course, and the schedule was packed. At first I thought that it is going to be a hard week. But it wasn’t that way because with the help of all the participants we made the TC fun and very educational.
The main problems that we discussed were Human Rights and in the first part of the TC we had games and fun exercises that taught us things related to Human Rights that most of the participant didn’t know. In the second part of the TC was more interesting for me, because we actually went out in the city and visited other NGOs and see exactly how other people try to solve Human Rights problems, but also we visited a company and we head opinions of how they try to resolve problems. And in the third part of the TC we had some very interesting topics like, Human Footprint and how to become an active citizen our local communities which I found more to my taste. Overall the project was a great success for the Spin Association, but also for the participants.
Being in Lisbon, Portugal was very exciting for me because I had never been to any city in Portugal and the views that I saw and the people I have met in this project makes it even more perfect.
(Alexandru Nistor)

This project was a really good opportunity for me to open my mind and to develop myself in the subject of human rights and sustainability in environmental projects. Even if I was waiting for something more dynamic, in this project I learned a lot of new things and I   worked with 20 great young people from 10 countries. Together we felt free to express our opinion and we found solutions for the biggest European problems. We learned that we should not close our eyes to the real problems, because always we can do something for our country and for our people. We are the change, I am the change.
(Daniela Samsonescu)