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Jul 26 2014

2013-2014 “Raise a problem get an answer”

Theme: “Raise a problem get an answer” is a Y&D project that will last 17 months and will be implemented in 4 countries with the participation of 8 youth organizations working in the field of active participation of youth.

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It started in 2013 and it will be finalised at the end of the year 2014. The project wants to create a platform for the exchange of good ideas about activities that youth can undertake to start a real change in the society in which they. There will be a core working group of 16 youngsters, which constitutes the steering committee coming from 4 countries (Estonia, Italy, Romania and Lithuania). D.G.T. Association is one of the 8 partner organisations. “Raise a problem, get an answer!” foresees also a visit to the Commissions of the European Parliament to present the platform.