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Nov 05 2017

2017.08 Social Advertmakers

ThemeD.G.T. Association team participated in the project Social Advertmakers, organized by Latvijas Jauniesu Attistibas Centrs, in Kegums, Latvia, between 30.08-08.09.2017. The project brought together people from Romania, Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, Gemrnay, Poland and Latvia and launched the opportunity to discuss topics related to social issues as: depression, racism, miscommunication with the purpose to embrace difference and value it.

Name: Social Advertmakers

Duration: 30.08-08.09.2017

 Location: Kegums, Latvia

Organizers: Latvijas Jauniesu Attistibas Centrs



Romanian participants:Anca Boldea (F), Teodor Bordei (M), Oana Nistor(F), Baicu Flavius(M), Cristina Arion (F), Paul Adrian Andrei (M).

Objectives of our training:

-To understand and ddiscuss social issues;
-To value cultural differences;


Wonderful experiences keep on living.

On the 29th of August 2017 we embarked on a journey, which was going to become a great experience. After a brief glimpse of Riga, the capital, we, a team of six Romanians, took the train to Kegums and met the other teams that came from Denmark, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Poland and Latvia. we were full of enthusiams that we were going to start the Social Advertmakers training.

Everyone wanted to meet everybody in an idyllic landscape, in the heart of the forest. After the name games and long conversations near the lake, we all started attenting video and photo trainings. We have had the chance to be involved in several video projects that were related to social issues, such as: indifference, racism, lack of communication, depression etc. The final projects were presented at a cafe in the center of Riga. The evenings were the opportunity for every country to present its traditional dances, food and landscape. Cultural differences were identified, but soon were left aside and each participant was happy to be in the company of the other, as if in a great family.

One unexpected experience, even for Riga, was the flashmob moment. We interracted with the locals in a unique way, by dancing, singing, writing words of peace and giving high fives.

I would recommend to every young person such an enriching experience, which is an Erasmus + training or project.

Anca Boldea