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Feb 27 2017

2017.02 Power of Multimedia - Bridges of Diversity

 Theme: The Project is a training course for youngsters and addresses the topics of healthy life and conscious lifestyle.We would like to bring young people to consuming only what they really need, instead of choosing things and food because it is trending.

Name: Follow the Crops for your Health

Duration: 06 – 15 February 2017

 Location: Struga, Macedonia

Organizers: Youth 4 Society



Romanian participants:Nicola Antonicelli (F); Alexandru Daniel Armenia(M);Oana Gabriela Tudosa(F);Daniel Penteleciuc(M);Silviu Vasile Ungureanu (M)

Objectives of our training:

-To develop competences of European youth workers, notably in the field of using multimedia and fostering cultural diversity;
-To develop transversal skills of young people by using non-formal learning
-To promote young people's active citizenship in general and European citizenship in particular;
-To promote cultural diversity as a resource for our society and stress its possitive sides;
- To promote Erasmus+Youth as a tool for active citizenship and participation in social life of young people;

Macedonia – February, 2017. Cultural Diversity, Erasmus+ and Fun.
The youth exchange aimed to bring together young people/members/activists of organisations to raise awareness about importance of cultural diversity and to use multimedia as a tool. During the project the participants explored key elements that refer to cultural diversity such as: nationality, religion, cultural background, beliefs, living contexts, tensions, prejudices and stereotypes.