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Feb 27 2017

2017.01 Follow the Crops for your Health

 Theme: The Project is a training course for youngsters and addresses the topics of healthy life and conscious lifestyle.We would like to bring young people to consuming only what they really need, instead of choosing things and food because it is trending.

Name: Follow the Crops for your Health

Duration: 08 – 19 January 2017

 Location: Lucena, Spain

Organizers: AmigosDE Europa



Romanian participants:Maria Dumitru (F); Mihalache Alexandru(M);Georgiana Grigore(F);Alin Ghinea (M);Andreea Hana (F)

Objectives of our training:

-To challenge the perceptions and raise awareness about consumerism (capitalism) culture;
-To overcome the stereotypes of eating habits of vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters;
-To change habits of participants, which demonstrate non-conscious life style;
-To learn how to grow your own food (adaptable in the city with low space resources ) and how to collect food from the nature;
- To encourage a healthy nutrition as natural part of the daily routine;

Spain – January, 2017. Healthy Lifestyle, Fun and the Mediterranean Sea.
Participants were seriously prepared for the course, they attended both outdoor and indoor activities. The travel costs and accommodation were supported by the organization, as this was an Erasmus + project. The Youth Exchange was held in Lucena, in Hotel Yussana. In the Hotel three or four participants of the same sex and different nationalities shared the same room.

"The Youth Exchange "Follow the Crops for your Health" was held in Lucena, a small cozy city in Andalucia, where the weather was perfect for January and the Sun was shining. A great palette of countries has participated: Romania, Spain, the UK, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Latvia. This youth exchange was a test for me, as it was my first time as Team leader for the Romanian group. As usually, I took this role seriously and I acted as such: motivated our group, gathered feedback and provided reactions to the organizers. The activities were varied. We put our best for the activities and also outside the program. The program was intensive, fruitful and the informal exchange was invaluable. The mix of truly experienced people with beginners in Erasmus+ projects made this youth exchange a true experiment. I consider that even though we didn’t get 100% of the information we could, we were a great group and adapted to the requirements of the organizers and represented our countries proudly." (Andreea Hana)