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Dec 05 2016


2016.11 Colors of the wind

 Theme: The training course brought together 24 youth leaders and youth workers from across Europe. Because of the current refugee crisis announced by the European Commission to address issues around social cohesion, and the integration of refugees and migrants, the training covered the topic of social inclusion & marginalization an actual topic especially in Malta when considering the high number of young migrants that arrive.

Name: Pride & Prejudice    Duration: 17 – 22 November 2016     Location: Bugibba, Malta
Organizers: S.E.Y.F. Malta     Supporters:     

Romanian participants: Madalina Antohi (F); Mihai Cojan (M)


Objectives of our training:

-To develop a great intercultural awareness, and provide the participants with the tools necessary to promote intercultural dialogue about refugee crisis within their community
-To enable youth workers, leader & younsters on the way to use different models and tools for the integration of minorities, especially young migrants in society
-To start combating stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia, hate speech and hate motivated violence.
-To strengthen the common European values such as respect for diversity, equality, solidarity, openness, understanding and liberty
- To take actions for diminishing those negative social phenomena and creating a greater social and community involvement.


Malta – November, 2016. Between 15 and 20 degrees, Mediterranean, Interesting theme and Fun.
The training course took place in Bugibba, Malta. The participants were hosted at the San Pawl Hotel, situated in the heart of Bugibba, where one could easily walk down from the hotel to the promenade which takes you along the coast of St. Paul's Bay, Bugibba and Qawra.
At a 10 minutes walk, is the National Aquarium of Malta where people can find a lot of interesting fish species. Also, the participants had the opportunity to see a lot of cities in Malta, as the country is so small. some of their favourite locations were : Valetta, Mdina, Gozo, St Juliens.

“It was a good project, not only because of the interesting theme, but also because Malta is such an interesting country. Malta is full of history and you can find on its streets Roman, Celtic, Turkish, Arabic, French and English influence. The fact that is surrounded by the sea and also it's warm climate, fascinated me. The organizers did a great job and we learned a lot of new and intersting things. I am very happy to have participated in this project.” (Madalina Antohi).