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Nov 13 2016

2016.08 Pride and Prejudice 1 

2016.08 Pride & Prejudice

 Theme: The Project is a training course for youngsters and addresses the topics of stereotypes and prejudices, along with other negative social issues, particularly focusing on the North vs. South Europe issue.

Name: Pride & Prejudice Duration: 02 – 11 August 2016  Location: Ruse, Slovenia
Organizers: M.D.Bakherus  Supporters:   
Romanian participants:Lucia Stan (F); Mihai Alexandru Sulea (M);Codruta Codru (F)

Objectives of our training:

-To develop a great intercultural awareness, and provide the participants with the tools necessary to promote intercultural dialogue within their community
-To strengthen the common European values such as respect for diversity, equality, solidarity, openness, understanding and liberty
-To start combating stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, xenophobia, hate speech and hate motivated violence.
-Through using non formal learning methods such as workshop, discussions, simulation games and social campaign techniques the P&P will provide competencies, skills and knowledge about stereotypes, prejudice, antidiscrimination, racism and xenophobia.
- To take actions for diminishing those negative social phenomena and creating a greater social and community involvement.

Slovenia – August, 2016. Between 20 and 30 degrees, Alps, Mediterranean and Fun.
The project took place in Ruse, Slovenia , but also the participants had the chance to travel to Ljubljana ( the capital of Slovenia ), to Maribor and to Pohorje Mountain. The bus trip to Ljubljana included going to Lake Bled, Bled Castle and Ljubljana Castle. In Maribor, they went to the local restaurants where young people usually socialize and the trip to Pohorje Mountain included visiting the biggest waterfall of Pohorje – “Sumik”.

“From my point of view, it was a great project, the organizers managed to create a balance between work and fun and a lovely atmosphere. We had a really great time, all the participants were actively involved, the organizers managed to share with us great activities , show us beautiful places and provide us with good accommodation and food.” (Lucia Stan).