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May 20 2013

2013.05 MP3S-2

2013.05 Training Course "Multipliers for Peace in 3 Steps (MP3s)"

The main theme of this training was to teach people to make peace with themselves in order to be able to make peace with others around them ,with nature and everything around.

Name: Multipliers for Peace in 3 Steps (MP3s)  Duration: 20-30 May 2013   Location: Halkidiki, Greece
Organizers: USB (United Society of Balkans)  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  Topic: Peace Building
Romanian participants: Daniela Albastroiu (F); Gabriel Dumitrescu (M).  

During this training the participants were involved in a series of activities in order to achieve the creation of a peace-based society (role plays,discussions,case studies,experimental learning,creative tasks) . 

This training gathered 20 people from 10 different countries like Greece (location of the training), Armenia,Italy,Hungary,Georgia,Cyprus,Romania,Turkey,Bulgaria and Denmark.


Since the main goal was to learn how to create a peace-based society,we learned how to be very united from the very beginning ,we listened to each other and every time there was a problem,we solved them peacefully,by talking and explaining what’s wrong and what should people change in order to be in peace all the time with everybody and to finish every task that we had.The results were: we learned how to act in a group and in society,we learned how similar but yet different as individuals people are,we learned to listen and to help every time we can without waiting nothing in return and that’s actually the main porpoise ,because when you do something good but you don’t expect nothing in return,the results and the feelings that you’ll get they will be priceless.

Listen,help,feel,hope,love,live and you’ll have PEACE!            

(Daniela Albastroiu & Gabriel Dumitrescu)