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May 24 2013

2013.05 In The Middle-6

2013.05 Youth Exchange "In The Middle of Nowhere"

Theme: A youth exchange that gathered participants from the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Sweden, Poland and Italy. For 8 days, through various non-formal activities and trips, the young people taking part in it learned about both good aspects and challenges of living in a rural isolated area. 

Name: In The Middle of Nowhere  Duration: 24-31 May 2013  Location: Bant, Netherlands
Organizers: Rock Solid Foundation  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)   
Romanian participants: Irina Rusen (F); Ion Mesca (M); Adrian Cocardan (M); Victoria Coseru (F); Bogdan Tarca (M); Elena Vitcaci (F); Marina Janau (F).     


After a week spent IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, coming back home was more than awkward. The city seems to be too noisy, the people too many and the ordinary life, boring!

This is what happens when you are surrounded by amazing people and you are getting to know each other so well.

Starting with, the activities were different everyday and the workshops very useful to improve our skills. In the same time, the schedule was perfectly done in the meaning that we had time for relaxing, for cooking  and also for working on the things that we had to prepare for the activities.

During the whole week we had the opportunity to visit a very beautiful place called by the Dutche “Giethoorn, the Venice of Holland” where instead of streets and cars we found canals and boats. That day was amazing, the weather was also fine … so everything was perfect and there we spent an unforgettable day!

So, the project “In the middle of nowhere” was surely a successful one with great memories and experiences for all of us!                               (Irina Rusen)