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Mar 20 2013

2013.03 Future.2-7

2013.03 Seminar "Future is Ours 2.0"

Theme: The seminar „Future is ours 2.0” was be held in Mladinski Center Trbovlje (MCT), Slovenia between 20 and 26 March 2013. Main aims of this project were to connect different organizations and to build strong partnership with the so called Neighbouring Countries of the European Union.

Name: Future is Ours 2.0 Duration: 20-26 March 2013  Location: Trbovlje, Slovenia
Organizers: Mladinski Center Trbovlje  Supporters:Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Irina Rusen (F); Adrian Cocardan (M).  


We planned new projects in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme in order to prepare some joint international activities for 2013 and 2014. The results of this planning will consist of a better structure of the projects and stronger participation of the youth in all project phases.

Future is ours!

Very interesting name for a very interesting experience. Situated in Trbovlje, Slovenia, MCT (Mladinski center Trbovlje) recieved us with a great atmosphere due to it`s facilities but also due to it`s people who work there.

Starting with the first day I arrived there and finishing with the last one, everything was amazing. We had the opportunity to visit a cole mine near Trbovlje and a museum with the same topic, we discovered the town by our own because of the Treasure Hunt game; in this project we also could visit Ljubljana in a mini trip and try specific and traditional slovenian food.

During the days spent in MCT, we achieved more knowledge about international projects and partnerships and we tried to establish another ones in the near future. Hopefully, we will start working on the ideas we shared and we will develop it.

I am really glad I`ve been part of this project because I gained a lot of new information and I met great people. For this, I am keeping in touch with them and I am hoping our work together  will have success!                      (Irina Rusen)