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Jan 11 2013

2013.01 Music Bridge-10

2013.01 Youth Exchange "Music Bridge"

“Music Bridge” was a youth exchange in which participants had the chance to practice activities related to their national music. It involved, among others, disadvantaged young people and immigrants, with the aim to promote integration, fighting prejudice and stereotypes. 

Name: Music Bridge Duration: 11-20 January 2013  Location: Savigno, Italy
Organizers: Group Borderline  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Octavian Gabriel Simionescu (M – team leader); Ana Lacatus (F); Geanina Sirghie (F); Andrei Bratu (M); Stefan Cobeli (M); Adriana Andrei (F).   


The project involved 25 participants and 6 leaders from 5 countries (Italy, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey). Every group had to prepare information about minorities and music in their country and conducted a workshop about national music and dances. In the last days of the exchange a common song was created. The  exchange  stimulated  the participants’  awareness  of  being  part  of  the  same multicultural  group,  promoting  diversity.  All the working methods were non-formal, giving priority to everyone’s creativity and inventiveness rather than a vertical instruction, even if the young people had the opportunity to receive some advice from experts.

All of us know what music means, but all of us know music in different ways. "Music Bridge" isn't only just a project, it's a dream that all of us wanted to become true. In one day all of us were asked what music means for us. I think you can already guess some of the answers, maybe you heard them before, but imagine a "bridge" made from "love", "peace", "beauty", "nature", maybe "candies":)) and of course from "relaxation". All of them were gathered together in the same place. This was the "Music Bridge". A place that nobody wanted to leave :)                   (Stefan Cobeli)


What “Music Bridge” meant to me

As this wasn’t my first project of this type, I had some expectations, some ideas of what will it be. I knew that at the end of the project I will leave with new abilities and I also knew that at the end everyone will be sad and no one will want to go home. I thought that it wouldn’t be the same for me because of my previous experiences but the truth is that no matter how much experience you have with this kind of things, going home and leaving all your new friends behind will never be easy and without grief. This was the first time for me as a leader and I was a little nervous of course but I must thank the leaders I had in the past because I learned a great bunch of stuff from them. I also want to thank the Romania team, my team for making it much so easy for me!  If we’re going to start talking about the things we learned I have to say that there are so many things that we don’t even know we learned. But let’s get back to the ones we know about. Of course there are the little things like improving my cooking skills or learning to use a washing machine but they don’t compare to the ones who really count like learning to listen to others, trying not to take sides, give up your own personal ideas so you can satisfy the entire group, learning to solve a conflict peacefully, leading by example or learning how to control your anger. Of course they are much more learned things to discus about but many of them maybe I don’t even know about, others I don’t remember at the time and some maybe I don’t even want to talk about…                   (Octavian Gabriel Simionescu)