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Oct 06 2012

2012.10 Spor-3

2012.10 Youth Exchange "SporTo2"

Theme: A youth exchange about sports, tools to be used in outdoor activities and a lot of inter-cultural fun.

Name: SporTo2  Duration: 6 – 14  October 2012  Location: San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
Organizers: Asociacion TATU  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Konstantin Kavruk (M – team leader); Dragos Fotin (M); Razvan Alexandru Uta (M); Mariana Boboc (F); Adelina Grigore (F); Luiza Grigore (F); Adrian Ungureanu (M); Daniel Voinea (M); Alina Ilie (F). 


The project took place in the village of San Lorenzo de el Escorial, between 6 and 14 October, which is located at approximately 60km North-West of Madrid. Beside Spain, four other countries participated: Romania, Hungary, Poland and Italy.  The Polish group arrived a day later, so this, along with the fact that they were in junior high, made communication hard at first, but, in the end, everyone got along just fine. The activities that took place in the first days were mostly ice-breaking and group cohesion games, the organizers trying to get everyone to know each other better and break the walls between different cultures. A sports tournament was organized, consisting of basketball and football, all of us being divided into 4 teams.  In these days, each country got a chance to talk about its culture, making small presentations about it, showing traditional food/drinks/music and making fun quizzes. We also took trips to nearby towns and villages, visiting Madrid, Segovia, El Escorial and sightseeing on the Abantos mountain. One of the things I enjoyed the most was simulating the creation of a new project, thinking about administrative stuff, trying to organize and calculate the necessary costs and really trying to make a good schedule for it, which is good practice for a group leader. Sharing dorms with 20 other people has its own drawbacks, but this was expected; the food was great, the breakfast being a little too light for some of us, but lunch was early, so this was not a problem. A team was created for each day for cleaning and dishwashing duty, which, besides being practical, helped us know each other even better. Overall, I think that doing physical activities makes it easier for people to overcome the shyness of the first encounter and catalyses friendship, leading to great interaction and overcoming cultural boundaries.             (Konstantin Kavruk)