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2012.09 Youth Exchange "One Spirit, One Team, One Win"

Sep 10 2012

2012.09 One Spirit-17

2012.09 Youth Exchange "One Spirit, One Team, One Win"

Theme: One Spirit, One Team, One Win was a youth exchange that took place in La Seyne Sur Mer, (Var Region) next to Marseille and Toulon, on the Mediterranean seaside. 

Name: One Spirit, One Team, One Win  Duration: 10 – 18  September 2012  Location: La Seyne sur Mer, France
Organizers: Mission Intercommunale Actions Jeunes (MIAJ) de la Seyne et de l'Ouest Var  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Adrian Cocardan (M – team leader); Teodora Juganaru (F); Andrei Braga (M); Savian Boroanca (M); Daniel Chirita (M).  

The idea behind it was that in all our countries young people are facing a common problem: the difficulty to find jobs. The main objective of the youth exchange was to improve youth employability and youth socio-professional insertion through workshops and non-formal activities with professional youth workers and professional workers involved in the tourism industry and jobs linked to the sea (due to our geographic location).

The project was composed of 3 different axes:

-The youth active participation in the construction and development of their professional plan linked to sea jobs or tourism industry;

-The linguistic dynamism of the region thanks to meetings and interviews with professionals of both tourism industry and youth insertion;

-The interaction between youth and seniors and the awareness of the local communities, companies and youth workers to the difficult socio-professional youth integration.