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Sep 03 2012

2012.09 For Peace-14

2012.09 Training Course "For Peace and Understanding"

Topic: Raising awareness on topics of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and implication of these issues in youth work in the participants’ realities, particularly the peace building area;

Name: For Peace and Understanding  Duration: 3 – 11  September 2012  Location: Tsaghkadzor, Armenia
Organizers: The Youth Club for Intercultural Dialogue, Democracy and Peace  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Horia Dragusinoiu (M); Constantin Bogdan Popa (M); Elena Herendeu (F).  


-Getting to know better the youth policy of the European Union and the Council of Europe and its inter-relation with the issues of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue;

-Discovering cultural diversity of European Union and countries of EECA (Eastern Europe and Caucasus) region; 

-Getting to know different organizations and youth workers/leaders/volunteers from partner countries interested in cooperation; 

-Discovering opportunities provided for young people and NGOs from EU and EECA region by EU Youth in Action programme and the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe;

-Developing common ideas for follow up projects.


The training course For Peace and Understanding was a great experience that reached its target totally. I knew since the beginning that it will be this way because of the theme and location. Armenia because of its long history and existing conflicts was the best place for a training course about international dialogue and conflict management. The participant countries were also chosen wisely for the theme because they were all part of the former Soviet Union or from the communist block: Poland, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and of course Armenia. The unity of the project was realized fast because of the organizers’ team building games and also the engagement of the participants who felt all part of the group since the first days. All the activities and training materials were good but I would like to remark 2 of them that were in my opinion the best. First, was the game of the 2 tribes that were living on one island without being aware of their existence till one point when they entered into contact, they conflicted in the beginning but after that they found a common  purpose and this way the conflict was solved. The second one was about a personality game where each of the participants was given a role and later the trainer was reading some situations and every person who felt he is able to do that would make a step forward and in the end only few of them managed to be in front, while afterwards the roles were discussed with arguments. Another memorable thing was discovering the local  culture, cuisine, traditions and history, the Armenian nation  being one of the oldest in the world who struggled through history and managed to preserve their identity, who even if it was  at the border of the continent it always kept the European culture and civilization.           (Horia Dragusinoiu)