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Aug 25 2012

2012.08 Volunticipation-6

2012.09 Training Course "Volunticipation All Over"

The main aim of the training course is to foster youth participation and to promote volunteering among youngsters coming from rural areas and disadvantaged geographical regions.

Name: Volunticipation All Over Duration: 25 August - 2 September 2012  Location: Samokov, Bulgaria
Organizers: Academy of Success  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme  
Romanian participants: Odette Parvulescu (F)

True fact: 25 august - 2 september is a week which will always remain in my memory. After a too long train trip without air conditioning and sweaty dreams to Sofia we were finally there. So.. let the bulgarian adventure begin.

We have spent one great day in Sofia, trying to visit as much as possible, their guards from The Pallace of Parliament impressed me the most, because they just couldn't refrain from laughter if people would stop and stair at them. I guess this is the balkan tradition.

In the evening we finally arrived in Samokov, at the venue of the training course where i could meet exicetd organisers and trainers and let's not forget about the energetic participants. We were 2 partcipant per country and the whole week the cultural diversity amased me and i could learn a lot from them. For example i found a lot about Caucasus countries like Armenia, Georgia or Adzebadjan, and they participants impressed me with their love of life, i enriched my turkysh words, tryed to speak to the italian participants in italian but actually i invented a new language Spenalian (spanish mixed with italian).

As for the training course it was very well organised and the trainers tried to know each other better in order to find out what are our needs and tried to meet them. They totally succeed because I could find out a lot of new things, learn fro other experiences and find out new things about myself. 

I consider that after this training course I have more information, friends and partners and i can only describe it in one word chudno (bg.)


TC in Samokov, Bulgaria ,  25.08 - 2.09.2012

It was a great experience who helped me discover lots of new things about others and about me.

I’ve met people from countries & culture I didn’t have the chance to interact with so far.

The games were funny, very dynamic and useful, based on team work & communication.

Thank you to the organizers and I congratulate them for the event. The venue was lovely, nice landscapes and the trip was great. The international night and Bulgarian night were very fun & nice.  

Thank you to the participants, for the atmosphere, all the fun, the information, knowledge, experience, dance, music, jokes, smiles that everybody shared. 

I’ve made new friends and I can’t wait to meet them again in another part of the world.

The main topics of the training course were: volunteering, youth experiences, communication, active listening and project management. Volunteering is very important nowadays and should be encouraged more, every person could be a volunteer and collaborate with others in order to make a difference in the society. Project management knowledge is very important if we want to establish important parternships and offer opportunities for students and young people. 

I’ve learned a lot from every person’s experiences, my motivation increased and I remembered I have to be more tolerant . 

And not last thank you D.G.T. for this great experience !   :)                (Odette Parvulescu)