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Aug 29 2012

2012.08 Hurricane-1

2012.08 Training Course "Hurricane of Possibilities"

This training course was an initiative that brought together youngsters and activists of organizations that include in their work marginalized groups from their societies and their local environments, 

Name: Hurricane of Possibilities  Duration: 29 August – 6  September 2012  Location: Kavadarci, FYROM
Organizers: Civil Association Jasna Idnina  Supporters:Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Cristian Darasteanu (M); Adrian Cocardan (M); Adrian Dan Vilcan (M).   

in order to achieve broader inclusion with higher quality from different parts of Europe and prevent as well as combat poverty. It provided to these dynamic people information on how to:

- structure an idea;

- develop it in to a project proposal;

- appropriate implementation;

- useful evaluation;

- follow up.

The group was mixed and covered different nationalities, as participants came from different European countries, which also gave a colorful cultural scope. The national groups were mixed and each group had not only youth workers from the promoters but also representatives of their target groups. This was done so that the project ideas that will be developed will be structured in accordance with the real needs. During the implementation and in the months after that training the entire group will actively participate in putting in practice of what has been learned and initiated in these 8 days of training. Thus we do believe in the long-term and multiplied benefit of this initiative!