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Jul 13 2012

2012.07 Searching-4

2012.07 Youth Exchange "Searching for Blood"

Theme: „First aid”: two little words, but side by side when they gain importance. It is important because it can save lives. It is important because human life is priceless.

Name: Searching for Blood  Duration: 13 – 19  July 2012  Location: Kars, Turkey
Organizers: Precise Ideas Group  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Adrian Cocardan (M – team leader); Denisa Luica (F); Raluca Costas (F); Cosmina Salanta (F); Anda Petri (F); Madalina Petcu (F); Bogdan Tarca (M).

Many people know the importance of first aid and we, as participants in this project, aim to teach it. We aim to draw attention to this very important issue. In our project our partners are Bulgaria, Czech Repıblic, Lithuania,Poland and Romania.


Hi everybody, 

I just wanted to say (even if it’s a little late) that I liked very much the week I spent with you and I’d like to meet again in the same formation as soon as possible.

Also I’d like to share with you some of my impressions about this exchange in Turkey:

First of all, I was impressed by the warm welcome, hospitality and humor of the Turkish people.

Then I’ve been surprised to discover the diversity of the stores from Istanbul and Kars, the explosion of colors, sounds and smells at each street corner, behind every shop window or house. Bagmans selling huge sandwiches with grill fish or lamb meet (do you remember them, right?), shop windows with cheese wheels of all sizes and nuances, stores presenting more types of honey, stands with all kinds of souvenirs- from typical trinkets with the Eye of Allah to illustrated magnets and coups of glass and tesserae, multicolored fans, silk scarfs with Arabic models, tea glasses or the traditional baklava and sweets.

Besides, in my exchange in Kars with you, I could enter for the first time in a mosque, to stare at the praying Muslims and drink hot black tea and Turkish café exactly in the most burning moment of the day, when the sun was up.

I got back home after a week that passed too early. I brought with me traditional sweets and objects as souvenirs but I feel the no matter how many times I would visit Turkey, still I could find something new to explore.

The list could go on but I don’t want to finish it because I’m sure that all of you have much more to say and I’d love to read your impressions.

What did YOU liked in Kars ?                  (Raluca Costas)