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May 04 2012

2012.05 Knowing-2

2012.05 Training Course "Knowing, Understanding and Acting"

This training course on human rights education, tackling particularly the different types of forced migrations, such as prostitution of young women and refugees, occured in Lviv, in Ukraine, over the course of 10 days in May 2012...

Name: Knowing, Understanding and Acting Duration: 4 – 14  May 2012   Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Organizers: AMSED (France)  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Alexandra Aguirgioaei (F); Andrei Daicer (M); Adrian Cocardan (M).  

and gathered youth workers from 12 programs and neighboring regions: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Algeria, Morocco. The main objective of the project was the trainings of youth workers (youth leaders, youth project coordinator, etc) and providing them with the competence – knowledge, skills and behavior – and values linked to intercultural youth project management, fostering their human rights education. This was accomplished through non formal education methods, through the creation of free spaces for exchanging and learning, in a climate of respect and empathy towards each other. Participants exchanged their points of view and shared their ideas and experiences on the topic of forced migrations linked to the refugees and the prostitution of young women, from their own different social realities in the Trans-European, Mediterranean and Caucasus areas. An awareness of the continuing disrespect for human rights was raised by inputs from experts in the field (by having as guest an actual refugee) and the exchange of good practices, as well as recommendations, at an individual and group level, for the development of new multilateral qualitative and sustainable partners and projects.