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Apr 14 2012

2012.04 Volunteering-9

2012.04 Training Course "Volunteering is Forever"

Society changes at a rapid rate and this leads to the fact that volunteering is something that is constantly in movement as different needs appear or new volunteers require a different approach.

Name: Volunteering is forever  Duration: 14- 22 April 2012  Location:Colares,Portugal
Organizers: Rota Jovem  Supporters: Youth in Action Programe (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Elena Diana Dumitru (F); Mădălina Constantin (F)  

For this reason volunteering structures need to be flexible and adapted to the needs and expectations of the organization and the volunteer. This balance can only be found with cooperation between the (future) volunteers and the organization.  “Volunteering is Forever?!” wants to empower youth organizations, volunteers and youth workers to improve the quality of volunteering in daily reality of the promoters.


•Debate, share and reflect on challenges and opportunities for volunteering

•To adopt new methods and techniques of volunteer management

•To support organizations in implementing of good practice in their involvement of volunteers

•Empower volunteers to become self-directed active volunteers

•Find new and exciting methodologies on how to activate and motivate volunteers


I have enjoyed every moment of the “Volunteering is forever” training course I participated  in Portugal. Besides the great persons I have met and all the stories we have shared, I found the training course very useful. One of the key elements of it was “motivation”, because this is the engine that keeps us going, no matter what the situation is. Generally, I have strengthened my motivation in order to be a volunteer and  at a more specific level, me and Mădălina found out about new ways we could use in order to motivate the persons around  us, involved in volunteering activities. 

Another important element was the opportunity to learn how to organize, to facilitate and to teach from a professional team with experience in the youth domain. The participation at this training course offered me fresh motivation and  new ideas, new contacts, new partnerships and a lot of new friends.    (Elena Diana Dumitru)


The training course was very well organized till the smallest detail.This helped us to work and fulfill all the objectives very eficiently.We learnt strategies how to make a large group of people(18 in our case) to work as a team in a very short period of time, how to organize a good project, how to motivate each other and other volunteers to get involved in ngos, set and achieve objectives.We had the chance to share good practices with the other participating organizations, to know other cultures,how to plan coaching and many other useful things that we can successfully apply volunteering with D.G.T. I consider that after this training course I have more ideas and knowledge about what makes a project successful, i have more friends and partners for our future project in D.G.T.       (Mădălina Constantin)