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Mar 11 2012

2012.03 Project Management-1

2012.03 Training Course "Project Management in Volunteer Projects"

The training course had as main aim the fostering of capacity building of youth organizations by delivering their workers and leaders concepts and tools to design, write, implement, manage and evaluate volunteer projects.

Name: Project Management in Volunteer Projects Duration: 11-17 March 2012   Location: Vlora, Albania
Organizers: Qendra Shqiptare per Zhvillim te Qendrueshem  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Andrei Daicer (M); Alexandra Chirulescu (F); Adrian Cocardan (M).  


By augmenting their knowledge and capabilities on this matters, youth workers were able to multiply it with their youth, making them able to use their skills in projects with a voluntary basis. In this period where the unemployment, especially through the young people, has reached very high levels, to acquire this kind of competence makes a huge difference, gaining skills for life. For 7 days, the 24 participants, coming from 8 countries from EU and SEE, worked together in Durres, in Albania, sharing their knowledge and ideas, challenges and opportunities, cooperating to achieve their goal using different working styles. 

One of the key point of the training was the creation of new projects, at local or international level, and new networks for a sustainable cooperation. Throughout all the course, non-formal education was the main methodology, with practical methods such as simulations, round tables, open space for discussions, role plays and anything stimulating the creativity and active participation of participants going towards their learning needs, making them gain experience directly on their skin. There were also theoretical inputs, analyzing success stories and sharing best practices for inspiration in future work.