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Jun 03 2013

2013.06 The Research-5

2013.06 Partnership Building Activity “The Research of Things”

Theme: This event was an international project gathering 5 EU countries and Turkey, that helped us learn new things about different cultures, different perspectives on sustainable behavior and on the involvement of youth in various activities like games, land art, theatre workshops etc. that made the learning process so much more fun and interesting.

Name: The Research of Things Duration: 03-10 June 2013  Location: Clinchamps sur Orne, France
Organizers: Theodor Panoplie  Supporters: Youth in Action Program (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Claudia Ehurov (F); Lucian Popescul (M)  

This project not only that widened our horizons but also helped us rediscover ourselves , achieving better social skills, civic competences, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. A very interesting aspect of the project was communication and communicating in a foreign language made everything much more entertaining. The theatre workshop was specially challenging for it was a completely new experience but we made the most of it and realized in the same time how much our public speaking skills improved due to exercises and the techniques used.
Was also a great opportunity for  getting together in a true team working environment and brain storming for new projects through which we can share our experience and even encourage others to get involved in such projects for this was a partnership building activity;.