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Jan 20 2012

2012.01 Youth Peace-1

2012.01 Youth Exchange "Youth, Peace and Human Rights: a statement of freedom"

The Project "Youth, Peace and Human Rights: a statement of freedom" aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of different youngsters, around Europe, about human rights, the challenges of immigration and ...

Name: Youth, Peace and Human Rights: a statement of freedom Duration: 20 – 28 January 2012   Location:Lisbon, Portugal
Organizers: Associação Máquina do Mundo  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 1.1)  
Romanian participants: Alexandra Ionescu (F - Team Leader); Andreea Hana (F); Alexandra Palaghia (F); Cristina Nicolae (F); Costin Petre (M); Marius Ivan (M). 

all the threats that disadvantaged communities face, in order to find a better path for their lives. This Youth Exchange is about reflection and opportunities! We hope, by one hand, to put the youngsters in contact with examples of the cruel reality, around the Globe, and at the same time give them the opportunity to experience alternative learning experiences, that will allow them to develop certain tools of active citizenship and social participation.


With every Youth Exchange I feel richer! I don’t know what to mention first when I bring to my mind this project. Filipa, the Ocean, Tejo River, the Slums, Ronald McDonald’s House, the participants, the real “exquisite food”, the flash mob, the Oceanarium, the subway …Yeah, I know, too many things. But first of all, I would definitely remember my team: Alexandra, Cristina, Costi, Marius and out brave team leader Alexandra! We were all full of energy, always smiling and caring about the others! Don’t worry guys, all of us,THE  Romanians, are like that! Just add the youngness and the sangre latino for us!

All the respect for the organizers, especially to Filipa that is AWESOME! She brought us so much positive energy! Applause! She managed somehow to face the “killer faces” and the neutrality of the Lithuanians and drank side by side with us, the participants!  She risked it all but she taught us a good lesson! And that’s also about human rights!

Hope to see you soon, all of you!  (Andreea Hana)


Before going in this YE ..I wrote in the application form «This youth exchange would also be a great opportunity to learn more about human rights, peace, the Portuguese culture, tradition and language». Youth in Action is the best way to exchange and share ideas and thoughts. Not to mention the opportunity to visit a foreign country, to meet new people and definitely to make new friends among the participants. I want to compare educational strategies adopted in different places and find a common way about this topic. I hope that in those we’ll have an intense change of ideas, experience and truly well spent time in a good company and place. So, what I wrote…is TRUE.. The time spend it in Lisbon was the most interesting thing I ever did. I learned what it means to accept someone, take people how they are, how to tolerate it and that we are each unique in some way. My team and the other people I've met in Lisbon were so special and kind and I've been learning so much from them and also about this topic..(youth, peace, human rights)! (Costin Petre)


Was definitely a successful one where not only did I meet new people and made new friends, but I also learned a lot of things about the topic.

The most interesting activity that we had was definitely the flash mob. We went to the Vasco da Gama shopping center with a paper (hidden somewhere, e.g. in the jacket) on which a human right was written, we spread out and at Filipa’s signal (the Portuguese trainer) we all collapsed on the floor with the paper on top of us. People in the shopping center couldn’t understand what was happening and some of them even took photos of us the whole idea was to have people in the shopping center look at us and, therefore, at the human right we had posted on that paper. And we did manage to do that. At the same signal (Filipa yelling “Hey, John!” from the upper floor) we stood up, hid the paper with the human right again and started walking as if nothing had happened.

I could write so many things about this project but I had already exceeded the limit. Overall, it was a great project and I want to thank all participants (especially the Romanian ones: Alexandra, Costi, Cristina, Hana and Lexxy for the great time I had. I will definitely apply for a new project in the near future.  (Marius Ivan)


7 Bilions Souls = 1 World :)  - All the precious things I learned I will take in my country and I will share with my NGO, make a follow up..

Thank you, my team ! I’m so proud with you !!!!  (Alexandra Ionescu)