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Jul 17 2013

2013.07 Ignorance is Curable-4

2013.07 Training Course "Ignorance is Curable... Be Included!"

This training aimed to be a tool for change and to re-shape the perceptions of the young multipliers that took part in order to improve the access and participation rates of young people in volunteering projects and community programs. 

Name: Ignorance is Curable... Be Included! Duration: 17-23 July 2013  Location: Madrid, Spain
Organizers: Youth Forum EYE  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Florina Madalina Topan (F)

Through volunteering, young people get the benefits of increasing their skills, upgrading knowledge and improving their position on the job market. Voluntary activity has many advantages for the unemployed young people - it can help keep them in touch with the labor market and It can offer opportunities to obtain skills and experiences that make moving into work easier. if this link between volunteering and employment is to be strengthened, voluntary organisations need more funding, jobseekers need more information, and we all need to understand how volunteering can help employability. An accent was put on the networking in order to follow-up with joint projects of exchange of volunteers and specific project ideas on how to undertake further specific steps in targeting youth employability. This training offered specific job search related workshops, project management sessions, YiA possibilities, presentations of EVS and other volunteering programs, and networking and work on follow-up projects that target youth employability for 31 participants. On this training the participants explored volunteering, internships and employment; the group visited workplaces, met with employers and shared their experiences with the other participants. 

Just from the title, when you see where is the project and the name of it you want to go instantly without thinking at the rest. So I arrived in Madrid where I find the team with wonderful people. Almost 30 people, from different countries, with different cultures and experiences. I learn a lot from the trainers, but from my colleagues too. We speak about the problems that teenagers find in the job market, related with how to find a job, how to apply, how to make your resume, what to do more to be the chosen person for a job that you apply. So, after all this we find out how important is the volunteering for the employer and not the least for your personal development. All the cases were debated for each country particularly. Along the trainings, we visited the area, we had parties, we make new friends and we laugh a lot. I encourage each teenagers to participate to an experience like this. Why? Just go and you will see why. (Florina Topan)