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Jul 08 2013

2013.07 I do not know-10

2013.07 Training Course "I do not know and I don't care"

The main aim of the training course is to provide a chance to young leaders and workers working especially with vulnerable groups as with youngsters facing social exclusion to increase their knowledge about human trafficking and violence as well as...

Name: I do not know and I don't care Duration: 08-15 July 2013  Location: Madrid, Spain
Organizers: International Youth Adefis  Supporters: Youth in Action Programme (Action 3.1)  
Romanian participants: Petra Barbu (F); Luminita Biserica (F)

to share best practises and lessons learned with their colleagues. Moreover the training course will also focus on family violence and will try to ask question how family violence is influencing „supporting“ human trafficking. We will discuss the rights, responsibilities, the biggest sending regions and accepting countries and also ways of inclusion. The training course will be based on non – formal learning and will include theoretical lectures, presentations, and discussions as team works in mix teams, role plays or art methods. The training course will connected youth leaders and workers coming from EU , SEE and Easter Europe and Caucasus region.


This training course was for us a successful experience, mostly  because we didn’t know what to expect. We learned a lot of things about what Youth in Action means and how we can write our own project. We met some motivated people, eager to learn new things. The intercultural nights represented “the goodness” of the training course – there we had the chance to taste some of the traditional foods from each of the participant countries. We had the opportunity to be taught flamenco lessons from a professional dancer, and also found out interesting facts such as customs, traditions – a little example would be that Macedonians kiss each other just on one cheek when they meet. The training course was also an opportunity to practice English and Spanish , to work in teams, and last but not least, to meet wonderful people. In one of the days, the organizers planned a surprise for us – a small trip to San Lorenzo del Escorial. Also Madrid is a city full of culture, touristic attractions, and a place where you can’t find yourself bored regardless of how you choose to spend your free time. For us, this was for sure an amazing experience that contributed to our personal development. (Petra Barbu)